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Screen Printing

Screen Printed t-shirts is where we started and is still a big part of what we do. With the capacity to fulfill any size order, we love to work on orders from 20 to 10,000. Whether you are organizing a small family reunion or putting on a large running event, we have the experience to make your custom t-shirts a success. 

What type of screen printing do you offer? 

Spot Process

The most common t-shirt printing method, spot color process produces vibrant colors and clean edges. This method tends to produce thicker layers of ink, however it is the most cost-efficient.

screen printed hoodie


CMYK Printing

Four Color Process screen printing is used to generate colors within the CMYK gamut. It creates an extremely soft feel to the print, but is typically limited to white colored garments due to the transparent nature of the ink. 

cmyk screen printing


Simulated Process

This process gives us the ability to print highly detailed photographic images on any colored garment. We can reproduce any color within the RGB color spectrum while also providing a very soft feel.

simulated process screen printed tee shirts

Price Factors when ordering Screen Printed Apparel

Type of Garment: For almost every product type we have an inexpensive, mid-range, and high-end option, and there are many styles to choose from – not just t-shirts!

Quantity Ordered: Due to the setup involved in screen printing, the more shirts you order, the lower your price will be as you pass price break points.

Number of Locations Printed: Each location requires new setup and runs for your imprint. A front print only will always be cheaper than a front and back print.

Artwork Details: The number of colors in each design affects the production time and setup for each location. A one color print will be less expensive than a four color print. Sometimes, if you have a lot of colors and gradients of colors in your design, a process print may be a cheaper solution.

In-Hands Date: Orders are produced on-demand once an order is placed. Garments needed in a few days from your order placement date may be more expensive than those needed in a few weeks.

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