Providing Your Own Garments

Using your own Garments: The Upside

We know that whether you’re working in the office or out in the field, you want your clothes to look, feel, and fit great. If you have a favorite top or hoodie that we don’t carry, our customs department has you covered! Just buy it, bring it in, and we can put your logo on it. 

Saving Money

Bringing in garments we do carry, like Gildan, Hanes, etc., isn’t a good way to lower the cost of custom apparel. We get special bulk pricing on blanks so it’s cheaper if we supply them for you. Garment decoration is a tedious process, and most of the cost is in setting up the press for a print run. The two best ways to save money on merch are:

1. Increase the quantity of garments ordered with a particular print. 

2. Decrease the amount of print locations and colors in your design.

We recommend you stock up with as many shirts as you will need for the next year or two. Whether you need a lot of shirts or a smaller amount, we can help you tweak your design creatively to get merch you love without breaking the bank. 

Misprints: The Fine Print 

Screen printing and embroidery can be a little unpredictable. As such, sometimes garments get messed up in the process. With garments provided by us, we replace any misprinted items, but unfortunately we are not able to replace or reimburse for customer supplied garments. 

Allowing customers to bring in garments for decoration is a premium service. Please consider the risk when purchasing high-end garments to be decorated. We will always do our very best to take care of your items and to keep spoilage allowance below the industry standard of 3%. We want you to get the very most out of your apparel, and we are always here to help! Let us know if you have any questions about supplying your own garments. 

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